Mellisoni Vineyards

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3155 Hwy 97A
Chelan, WA 98816
(509) 293-1891
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    We were inspired to create our Winery on a trip to Italy in 2002. We stayed at an incredible Italian Villa and Winery right in the heart of Tuscany, in the little town of Radda in Chianti, called Livernano. We were there during the harvest and were encouraged to help with the harvest and crush of the grapes. There, we were treated like Royalty, with a private 5 star Chef that cooked our meals, we got to drink incredible wines with the 8 other guests from around the world and we became very close with the owner of the Winery. We had such an incredible experience that when we returned, we wanted to create a similar experience for people who come here to Lake Chelan to visit. We had experienced what they call ?Agritourismo? , and believe that it will be something very special here in Chelan as well. When we asked the owner if he had any advise he could give us for our Winery back in the States, he simply said ?make your wine for your own tastes, your own pallet, it will be unique and will represent you. The benefit of making the wine to your own taste is that if no one else likes it, and it doesn?t sell, at least you?ll enjoy drinking it!? These are the wisest words, and we did exactly that, we made our wines to our own personal tastes. From the reactions and comments and sales we have already had, we believe we have some seriously good wine for your enjoyment.