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    All you have to do is look out your window here and it all makes sense. Our vineyards surround one of the largest lakes in the United States, spanning over 50 miles in length. We experience what is called ?lake effect? a moderating of temperatures in both summer and winter. The result is consistent temperatures, a long growing season, and reduced risk of extreme winter freeze. Our soils are pretty great too... layers of glacial debris, loess, volcanic pumice and ash have made for more than a century of tremendously successful horticulture in the area.

    It just can?t be disputed that we have the ability to grow fantastic grapes. It?s easy to taste that in the wines that are produced here.

    Lake Chelan is stunning. The sheer beauty of the green rolling hills all surrounding a huge body of water, bright blue skies, and sunny days... it takes your breath away. Once you dive in, you?ll find out you are in the midst of a winemaking culture here. It is likely that you?ll meet the actual winemaker behind the bar in their tasting room and then turn around and find them walking down the street or having coffee in town. You can bet they will remember your face and give a friendly wave.

    This is a contagious place. Once you visit, it will become a tradition for you. Chelan is a beautiful, other world and with less than a 3 hour drive from Seattle, Spokane, and most of the state it is an easy to make trip anytime.