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216 E Woodin Ave.
Chelan, WA 98816
(509) 366-6097
(509) 271-4471 (fax)
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    Jerald's Consulting, LLC
    Sue Jerald
    Confidential Counseling and Consulting
    Contact Number: 509-366-6097

    I provide assistance in the following areas:

    Stress management, conflict resolution, creative problem solving, communication skills, understanding non-verbal communication, understanding yourself and others, knowing your boundaries, self-help, and self-care.

    I address these areas in a conversational way with you as we explore what you would like to understand and change. As part of my practice, I use Cognitive Behavioral practices and in addition Adlerian Therapy as developed by Alfred Adler. I also use Narrative Therapy which is a way of being as a therapist that involves respect and a non-blaming approach.

    In my practice I adhere to Positive Talk Therapy as exhibited by humanistic psychologists Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Virginia Satir, and Robert Carkhuff. I firmly believe in the strength based model of psychology. In this model, your strengths are explored as a tool to be used for resolution of problems. This approach is not only helpful in the present, but ensures future success. This is achieved through focusing on your strengths that can be developed and used in an ongoing way. With very young children, I use play therapy.

    For business consulting, I use systems theory to help you see how the system you and others are functioning within is affecting your communication, job culture, stress, and conflict level, We will work together to find new creative ways for dealing with on the job challenges.

    My counseling is private, discreet and respectful of you. I honor your need to maintain the confidentiality that counseling entails.